XLS-Medical Appetite Reducer x 30 caps



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XLS-Medical Appetite Reducer helps control your hunger, acting as an an effective appetite suppressant, particularly when you are on a very low calorie diet such as using meal replacement diets.

  • Fills 30-43% of the stomach & promotes a pleasant feeling of fullness.
  • Controls appetite and hunger pans
  • For the treatment and prevention of excess weight and general weight management. Clinically proven efficacy

Let XLS-MEDICAL Appetite Reducer give you a helping hand, just take two capsules with a full glass of water 30 minutes before your meal replacement bar or shake or your meal daily. 94% of people experienced a feeling of fullness when using XLS-MEDICAL Appetite Reducer. To help control snacking take a capsule in between meals with a full glass of water. Appetite Reducer should always be accompanied by a healthy balanced diet. Do not exceed a maximum of nine capsules per day.

Specifications: Redusure®, a proprietary blend of High-Swelling Capacity Dietary Fibres, Potassium Bicarbonate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate

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