Noni Juice Tahitian




The Tahitian Noni Juice supports the immune system’s natural ability to fight disease and infection, contains superior antioxidants that help rid the body of harmful free radicals, increases energy, and allows greater physical performance levels. Ancient tradition and modern research both testify of the power of noni (bot. morinda citrifolia). A must for those concerned with overall health and wellness. It is impossible to duplicate. The process – which includes harvesting techniques, quality assurance that begins in the field, extraction and stabilization procedures, custom equipment, and packaging techniques – is proprietary and absolutely exclusive.

How to use: Drink 1-3 ounces (30-90 ml) a day with a glass of water preferably before meals.

Key ingredients include: morinda citrifolia fruit nectar from pure noni purée from French Polynesia 89% natural grape juice-concentrate 5.5%, natural blueberry juice-concentrate 5.5%. Not made from dried or powdered noni. Provides 30 mg of bioactive iridoids per 60 ml serving.

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