Omron Compair Compressor Nebuliser OMRC28



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Omron CompAir C28

This mains-operated compressor nebuliser is an ideal choice for home use.

The unique combination of the Omron CompAir Compressor with the VVT nebuliser chamber means more aerosol in a respirable size is available for the patient to inhale. The new design nebuliser chamber means fewer parts to lose and less parts to clean, making it easier to maintain. The stylish case has a convenient holding point to store the nebuliser chamber when not in use.

Compressor Nebulisers (CompAir range)

Still going strong, the compressor nebuliser is without doubt the most popular device being used for inhalation therapy. Thanks to the robust build and reliable operation, our nebulisers are suitable for versatile usage.

The Omron CompAir C28 is supplied with our unique VVT (Virtual Valve Technology) nebuliser medication chamber, a new innovation from Omron to improve the quality of the aerosol and maximise medication penetration, leaving as little residue as possible. Each of Omron’s nebulisers can deliver drug solutions and suspensions very efficiently, as they have this low residual volume. The particle size is also small to ensure that the medication can penetrate deep into the respiratory system.