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Dr. Scholl’s Corn Cushions 9-Count , , , , .

Made of a soft latex foam with a waterproof adhesive that self-sticks, staying in place throughout the day. These corn cushion pads provide relief from shoe pressure and friction. Designed to stay on all day Provides immediate and all-day pain relief Eases painful shoe pressure and friction Soft latex foam Self-stick, waterproof adhesive holds cushion […]

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Scholl Complete Corn Treatment Kit .

Ingredients Discs contain: Salicylic Acid 40% w/w, Polyvinyl Alkyl Ethers, Titanium Dioxide, Liquid Paraffin. 4,4′ – Thio-Bis-2-Tert-Butyl-5-Methylphenol, Red Iron Oxide, Black Iron Oxide , Foam Cushions contain: Natural Rubber Latex . Box Contents 6 Pads. 6 Medicated Discs. 9 Corn Cushions. Features Medicated action. With salicylic acid. Relieves, removes & cushions. Ideal for painful corns.

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Biofreeze Pain Relief Spray 118ml , , , , .

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray works using Cryotherapy, a process which dramatically cools the affected area to relieve pain in two ways; first it reduces the blood supply to the painful area and reduces the ability of the nerves to conduct pain stimuli. The unique Biofreeze spray formula contains Ilex, a herb extracted from the Holly […]

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Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream K+ 60ml , , , , , .

Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream K+ is clinically proven to repair rough, dry and cracked skin. Fast acting, Works in 7 days. For external use only. Do not apply to bleeding or infected cracks. Avoid contact with eyes. Stop use immediately if irritation occurs.

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