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Calpol Infant Suspension 100ml , , , .

Why use Calpol Infant Suspension Liquid: The paracetamol in Calpol Infant Suspension is used to relieve pain and / or bring down fever (high temperature) in many conditions including post-immunisation fever, teething, headache, cold and flu, toothache, earache, sore throat and other aches and pains.

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Wellkid Tablets X 30 , , , , .

What are ‘WellKid Original Smart Chewable Multivitamins?’ Healthy growth is vital during the first 12 years of a child’s life. Rapid development of bones, muscles, blood and the brain mean that children have a high nutrient requirement in relation to their body size. Meeting those requirements can be a challenge. Sometimes it is difficult to […]

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Oilatum Plus Emollient Bath Additive 500ml , , , , .

Oilatum Plus Emollient Bath Additive is for itchy, irritating dry skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis as it soothes, softens and rehydrates and helps to protect against further drying. Oilatum bath formula is used for treating contact dermatitis, apotic dermatitis, senile pruritis, ichthyosis and similar dry skin conditions. It works by forming an emollient film […]

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Philips AVENT Comfort Electrical Breast Pump , , , , , .

This electrical Avent breast pump is more comfort, more milk naturally when you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk flows more easily. Sit comfortably with no need to lean forward and let the soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow. Sit more comfortably with no need to lean forward with the Philips AVENT Comfort […]

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