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Imedeen Derma One x 60 Tabs , , , , , .

Add two IMEDEEN Derma One tablets to your daily skincare routine and help maintain the appearance of beautiful skin. To get the best out of IMEDEEN Derma One, it is recommended to take the skincare tablets for at least 12 weeks. The revolutionary and exclusive Marine Complex is a protein and polysaccharide complex containing elements similar […]

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Wellman Tricologic Tablets X 60 , , , , , , , , , .

Wellman® Tricologic – the science behind a great looking head of hair. Helping to maintain healthy hair growth and hair follicles The changes which occur as we age, as well as an inadequate diet, stress, hair styling and lifestyle, can all have an impact on hair growth and the condition of our hair. Recognising the […]

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Perfectil Skin, Hair & Nails Tabs X 30 , , .

This unique nutrient combination contained in each tablet nourishes and protects from the inside and provides essential micronutrients to support the building blocks of your skin, hair and nails, as well as maintaining their health and appearance. This approach delivers outstanding results, with an effectiveness that works on a deeper level than moisturising creams or […]

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Regaine For Men Extra Strength x 60ml , , , , .

REGAINE Extra Strength contains a 5% concentration of the active ingredient minoxidil. Specifically designed for men who want fast results when compared to REGAINE® Regular Strength, it is more suitable for those looking for regrowth.

  • It has been shown to re-grow some hair in 3 out of 5 men
  • Results may become noticeable in just eight weeks
  • Because it is a strong 5% formulation, REGAINE Extra Strength is available from your local Pharmacist
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