Sleep & Snoring Aids

SNORE FREE NOSE CLIP x 1 , , , , .

Product Description When your nose is clogged or narrowed due to a cold or other blockage, the fast moving air produces snoring. For simple, easy and effective prevention of nasal blockage, an anti snoring nose clip keeps nasal passages open. Just insert and forget! Small, lightweight, and so comfortable that you won’t even remember it’s […]

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Kalms Herbal Sedative Tabs X 84 .

Relieves periods of worry, irritability, stresses & strains. Promotes natural sleep. A traditional natural plant remedy. Kalms is a traditional herbal remedy containing a blend of pure plant ingredients that can bring welcome relief from worry and irritability often caused by the stresses of modern living. Kalms helps to relieve these symptoms so promoting the […]

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Nytol Herbal Tablets X 30 , , .

Nytol Herbal is blend of herbs specifically selected for their sleep inducing properties and designed to soothe you to slumber. Nytol Herbal is ideal for you if you’re suffering from sleeplessness and you’d prefer to try an herbal remedy. If it’s a gentle nudge towards dreamland that you’re after then Nytol Herbal is well placed […]

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Natrasleep Tablets X 50 , , .

A traditional herbal remedy for the symptomatic relief of nervous tension and the stress and strain of everyday life. Natracalm contains passiflora incarnata, otherwise known as the passionflower, a traditional herbal ingredient with relaxing and calming properties.

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Solpadeine Plus Tablets X 32 , .

Solpadeine Plus Tablets provide effective pain relief with a combination of paracetamol, caffeine and codeine. Solpadeine Plus Tablets contain the active ingredients paracetamol and codeine, which are both analgesics (painkillers). By working on your body in different ways paracetamol and codeine combine to relieve pain. Caffeine acts to help the effectiveness of paracetamol. Paracetamol also […]

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Panadol Night Tablets Pack of 20 , .


Panadol NightPain with paracetamol and diphenhydramine provides effective relief from night time pain to help you feel better and sleep better.

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