Children's Multivitamins

Haliborange Baby & Toddler Multivitamin Liquid 250ml , , , , .

Haliborange Kids Multivitamin Liquid contains 9 essential vitamins designed in line with scientific research on children’s reference nutrient intakes and ideal for every stage of your child’s development, Haliborange baby and toddler multivitamin liquid contains a balanced range of 9 essential vitamins to help maintain healthy immune defences, mental performance and healthy bones and teeth. […]

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Abidec Drops 25ml


Abidec Drops 25ml , .

Abidec Multivitamin Drops to aid healthy growth. Abidec Multiviamin drops have been specially formulated to help meet the nutritional requirements of your children. It is particulally benifical in the prevention of vitamin deficiencies. Abidec multivitamin drops are rich in 7 essential vitamins. Given daily Abidec provides the corret balance of vitamins to maintain your child’s […]

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