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Wellman 50+ is a comprehensive nutritional formula developed to help maintain health in men aged 50 and above.

The tablets are ideal for those with an active lifestyle and unlike a general multivitamin, the nutrients and their levels have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of men in their 50s, 60s and beyond.

The formula includes specialist bio-active nutrients to help maintain health & vitality with specific support for brain, eyes & heart.

Support an active lifestyle:

Getting older shouldn’t mean we have to change our lifestyle and the activities we’ve always enjoyed. Wellman® 50+ contains B vitamins & L-carnitine which help your body to release energy from food efficiently plus amino acids and Siberian Ginseng extract for all-round health. Remember regular exercise is good for your heart, it boosts your circulation and the supply of vital nutrients to the brain, as well as improving your sense of emotional wellbeing.

Maintenance of healthy brain function:

As you get older more emphasis is placed on the need to maintain brain and mental performance. Wellman® 50+ contains phosphatidylcholine which is important for normal cellular membrane composition and repair together with Glutathione and Co-Q10 which are bio-elements helping to maintain the efficient functioning of your brain cells.

Healthy vision and eye function:

Your eyes are the most complex organ after the brain and as you begin to age it’s even more important than ever to look after them. Antioxidants such as Lutein, naturally found in green leafy vegetables have been found to play an important role in helping to protect the eyes. Wellman® 50+ contains a combination of important nutrients for eye health including, lutein, natural mixed carotenoids, zinc and vitamin C that together provide antioxidant support as well as maintaining visual health.

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