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    Beauty is a complicated concept. What is it, exactly? And why do we need to define it? Beauty can be defined as the quality of being pleasing or attractive; something that gives pleasure to see or hear. It’s important because it helps us understand what we want in life and how we want others see us in their eyes. Beauty products are important because they help us feel better about ourselves by enhancing our appearance and making us look more beautiful than ever before!

    Types of Beauty Products:

    • Skin Care: This is the most basic and essential type of beauty product. It’s what you use to keep your skin looking healthy, fresh and youthful. Skin care products can range from moisturizers to toners to serums, but they’re all designed to do one thing: improve the texture and appearance of your skin by keeping it hydrated, protected and nourished.
    • Hair Care: If you want beautiful hair that shines with healthiness (or makes people think you’ve just stepped out of a salon), then investing in good quality hair products is key! Whether it’s a shampoo or conditioner or styling product like hairspray or mousse – these things are designed specifically for different purposes so make sure whatever product(s) you choose match up with what kind of look/style/texture etc., that suits YOUR needs best!
    • Makeup: Most women (and some men) will tell me “I don’t wear any makeup”. But if this statement were true then why do we see so many different shades available at every store? The answer is simple – because everyone wants different things when it comes down right down between those four little words; “what kind?”

    Skin Care:

    Skin care is the most important part of any beauty routine. It’s what keeps your skin looking healthy, youthful and glowing.

    • Cleansers: Cleansers remove dirt and oil from the surface of your face by gently cleansing it with mild soap or other cleanser products. You should use a mild soap to cleanse your face at least twice a day – morning and night before going to bed.
    • Moisturizers: Moisturizers add moisture back into skin that has been dried out by harsh weather conditions or just general aging process over time (which causes us all). They also help keep wrinkles away by keeping those fine lines at bay!
    • Exfoliators: Exfoliators are great for getting rid of dead skin cells clogging up pores so they can breathe again! This will help prevent acne breakouts as well as blackheads because there won’t be anything blocking those pores anymore!

    Hair Care:

    Hair care products are a great way to maintain your hair’s natural beauty. Shampoo and conditioner are the most common types of hair care products, but there are many other options for styling and treating your locks as well.
    Styling products include mousse, gel or waxes that you apply after washing your hair to give it volume or hold its shape. Hair treatments can be used once or twice a week in place of regular shampooing, helping restore moisture and shine without stripping away natural oils from the scalp (which can lead to dandruff).


    • Foundation
    • Concealer
    • Blush
    • Bronzer
    • Eyeshadow (in various shades)
      Mascara, lipsticks and glosses are all available in a variety of colors to suit your skin tone or mood.


    • Perfume: The most common and popular type of fragrance, perfume is a blend of essential oils and fragrance notes. It’s usually the strongest scent you can find in beauty products.
    • Cologne: Cologne is lighter than perfume but still has a strong smell that lasts longer than eau de toilette (see below). Like perfume, it’s made up of essential oils and fragrance notes; however, cologne contains less oil than its stronger counterpart so it won’t last as long or be as potent when applied to your skin or clothing.
    • Eau de Parfum: This type of scent falls somewhere between perfume and cologne — it’s stronger than eau de toilette but not quite as potent as pure perfume. It also tends to cost less than full-on fragrances because there are fewer ingredients involved in creating this product line compared with others on this list!
    • Eau de Toilette: This type of fragrance is lighter than both cologne and eau de parfum; however, despite being less concentrated than other types listed above (and therefore less expensive), many people prefer using this type since it doesn’t linger for very long after application–making them feel more comfortable wearing these scents during everyday activities like going out shopping with friends who may not appreciate overly strong smells lingering around them all day long!

    Choosing the Right Beauty Products:

    Choosing the right beauty products can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the world of cosmetics. To help you out, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks for finding the best products for your skin type:

    • Consider Your Skin Type
      If you have oily or dry skin, there are specific types of products that will work best for you. For example, if you have oily skin and want to combat shine without drying out too much (or vice versa), look for oil-free or mattifying formulas instead of those with high levels of shine-enhancing oils like mineral oil or petrolatum. If this sounds confusing at first glance–and it probably does!–don’t worry; we’ll explain further below in our section on “Reading Product Labels.”
    • Read Reviews Online Before Buying Anything New

    Tips for Using Beauty Products:

    • Always follow the directions.
    • Use products in the right order.
    • Be gentle with your skin.

    The Benefits of Beauty Products:

    Beauty products are a great way to enhance your natural beauty and improve your confidence. They can also make you feel good about yourself, which is an important part of looking good.


    Beauty products are an essential part of any woman’s life. Not only do they help you look your best, but they can also boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.
    If you’re looking for a way to enhance your natural beauty without having to spend hours in front of the mirror, then beauty products are an excellent option. They’re easy enough for anyone who wants to improve their appearance without going under the knife or using Botox injections (which may not be right for everyone).

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  • Sebamed Baby sebamed Sun Cream SPF 20 X 75ml

    Prevents sunlight induced damages, skin irritations and protects against dryness of baby delicate skin

    • Available in SPF 20, 30, 50 and 50+
    • SPF tested according to COLIPA
    • UVA protection: 98 % UVA absorption (higher than Australian Standard)
    • Alcohol and dye free
    • Free from paraffin, parabens, PEG bonds and PABA esters, acrylamide

    Product features:

    • Reliable UVA + UVB protection pH balanced
    • Highly effective UVA/UVB filter system combined with a micro-pigment prevent sunlight induced damage and irritations to the skin
    • Cell protection with vitamin E and regenerating provitamin B5
    • Avena strigosa moisturizing complex provides up to 24 hours intense hydration with depot-effect to protect against dryness
    • Oil-free, non-occlusive, non-comedogenic

    Packaging size: 75ml

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